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Grant writing assistance is available for companies or non-profits wishing to submit a proposal for a funding package. However, please have a grant award in mind you would like to submit for. *Grant research is not included in the grant writing assistance services. 

A few things to keep in mind when submitting grant proposals:

1) Start small and early. Being new to the funding world, you might be tempted to try to "land a big grant" quickly — even in the absence of a track record. You would be better served securing a series of small grants first. Given that grant funding today is more difficult to obtain than ever before, starting early in your career and capitalizing on the advantages of your "early-career" status is key.

2) Dream big (with the help of a mentor). Early on in your career, it’s critical to envision your ultimate large grant. Typically a major grant (for example, an NIH R01 grant) would include five aims. Once you’ve envisioned your big grant and its five aims, your next steps become clear: Bit-by-bit, bite off small chunks of that larger project by writing small grants designed to support one or more of your five specific aims.

3) Look at who and what got funded before. Grant agencies typically list previous award recipients online. This list is critical as it shows the agency’s interest (or lack thereof) in supporting your area of research.

For more information, please feel free to contact me directly at 678-841-6114, or by the contact form below.

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