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Welcome to Marketable Consulting Atlanta, LLC. Our mission is to guide you in expanding your small business services by developing your brand and company reach. Marketable, llc offers marketing consulting, graphic design, website development, professional editing, grant writing assistance and marketing assistance.

Let us help you grow.


Our Servuces

Content is key. By taking a look at your company's content from the perspective of a customer, you can see what you as a company..

Graphic Design

When most people think of graphic design, they think of designs created for marketing and advertising. Companiesdepend..


Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing...

Professional Editing

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to work with a professional editor but you have no clue on what to expect..

Grant Writing

Grant writing assistance is available for companies or non-profits wishing to submit a proposal for a funding package. However, please have a grant award in mind..


Similarly to marketing consulting, marketing assistance focuses on your marketing needs but includes the implementation of the company's specific..

Ready to find out more?

Feel free to contact me regarding a free evaluation. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about whether Marketable might be a good fit for your company.

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